Mathilde μP

Mathilde tekent hier!

A short selection of drawings by Mathilde muPe. As selftaught skill, this medium complements the palet of visual expression by Mathilde muPe. While spot-on timing photography can estrange reality, drawings as narrative can penetrate into the smallest details of life.

man looks in shopping window

In 2022 Mathilde ran a small artspace in the Oude Hoogstraat in Amsterdam, Kijkpunt. The name loosly translates as viewpoint, where the shop window, filled with creativity, was a stop moment in a busy street in the heart of the city. Kijkpunt worked also reversed as frontseat for Mathilde muPe to watch people passing by her temporary shop / workspace. In the spring and summer Mathilde muPe documented the street in drawings.

4 girls on a bench at Goth club

Time cafe, a series of cafe and bars in the 80', previous century. The webpage is in format of Mathilde muPe's original website dating 1994

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