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Mathilde μP (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) explored from a young age science and various skills. As autodidact she mastered a variety of artistic disciplines. A turning point came in 1993 when she built The Stone Age Computer for an internet camping event. This was Mathilde µP's first electronic installation. Later installations also had as key element the physical challenge with using computers. In 2004 she entered the Foto Academy in Amsterdam. The first three years she specialised in documentary, she graduated in 2007 with fine art photography. Besides humanity colour plays an important role in her photography.

A short list of expositions:

  • Silicon Graphics Almere, , the Netherlands 28/30-10 1993
  • theater 'de Balie' Amsterdam, , the Netherlands 09-04-1994
  • Economic affairs Den-Haag, the Netherlands 01-02-1995
  • Internal affairs Den-Haag, the Netherlands 30-03-1995
  • Telepolis Luxembourg, Luxembourg 4/12 11 1995
  • Telepolis on line 1996
  • Give and Take Pluschouw, Germany 1996
  • HAL2001 Twente, the Netherlands 2001
  • Waag Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2003
  • Chielerie Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2005
  • Pong Mythos Stutgart, Leipzig, Bern, Frankfurt, Germany Switzerland 2005- 2007
  • Nieuw Licht, Naarden, the Netherlands 2008
  • de Kring Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2009, solo exposition with photowork
  • Suzanne Biederberg Gallery, the Netherlands 2010, solo exposition photowork
  • Art-Inn, the Netherlands 2010, solo exposition photowork
  • Pinto bibliotheek, the Netherlands 2010. Waterlooplein, echt waar! photo documentairy
  • Antonies Breestraat, Amsterdam 2011. Waterlooplein, echt waar! photo documentairy
  • Indische buurt bibliotheek, Amsterdam 2011, solo. Schrijvers en afscheid Photo portraits.
  • Art Amsterdam. 2011 group exhibition, photos
  • Art-Kitchen, 2011 Amsterdam, group show. Modern Nature photowork
  • New York Photofestival 2012, group exhibition, photos
  • Gallery Fortuna Fontana, Amsterdam. 2012 group exhibition, photos

Some works:

  • The Stone-Age Computer (1993) A keyboard of stone, soil and vegetation, which can be used as interface to the computer and Internet.
  • Stone Keyboard Time Mark (1994) A 'king-size' model keyboard in a garden, made in assignment.
  • Grunge calculator (1995) A functioning calculator built with pebbles and sand, made in assignment.
  • My first Dino (1995) Stone collage Dinosaur.
  • Multimedia Excess (1995) Voice sensitive computer interface with movement sensitive microphone pole.
  • A-Maze (1995) a real time 3D maze presented at Telepolis on-line
  • Identity Engineering (1997) A tribute to all ’about me’ web pages
  • Pen server (1998) PDA organizer for communication between diverse computer systems, in assignment.
  • Power Pong (2001). Two competing users bicycle to provide power to a rebuild Pong game. Speeding up provides brings the game in advance mode. The steers are used for bat navigation.
  • Floor Identity (2007) A serie of photo collages
  • Waterlooplein, echt waar! (2008- 2010). A photo documentary about life on the Waterlooplein market in Amsterdam
  • Chromatopsychosis (2009 - ) a photo serie with accidental colour reititian in city life as subject.
  • Copy Kittens (2009 - ongoing ) A serie of photos showing female social trends in different times and groups.
  • Schrijvers en Afscheid (2011). A series of portraits of writers expressing their version of the word farewell.
  • Seeding Economy (2012 ongoing). Or how to create money from nothing.

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This website is designed in 2007. If you like have a look at my very first webpage from 1994. In 1994 World Wide Web was the buzzword. It was a network breakthrough; Seeing graphics immediatly in a page with links.
Most people worked with ms-dos computers at that time, like I did when I created that page. The graphical WWW replaced the text based link world of Gopherspace.

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