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Seeding Economy: Click and Succeed
Seeding Economy: Click and Succeed photo kit
Seeding Economy: Calendar 2022
Seeding Economy: Calendar 2022 Sold out
Seeding Economy: Puzzle 'Endless Time'
Seeding Economy: Puzzle 'Endless Time'.

Seeding Economy

Video by Sam Nemeth on Salto1 Sam Nemeth presented by Rob Zwetsloot on Salto1

The photo series Seeding Economy questions the value of commerce itself. What if something without economic value or emotion is lifted to art and commercial goods. The first show was in the temporary store Kijkpunt muPe, in 2022 where she sold the photo's aplied to retail items as well as wall art. The shop was located in the touristic center of Amsterdam, an area that also struggles with the increase of commerce.

Seeding Economy is a response to the ongoing tendency that artists should become more economy driven. While most artists would indeed welcome a better financial situation, art is about innovation, stepping beyond rules and or expression. Art often creates a reality before managers can predict sales.

The photo series Seeding Economy is based on valueless material -kitchen litter- as subject, value is added in the way it is photographed. Turning these photos into wallart creates a virtual value. Only after a sale the value becomes a reality. To maximize turnover in a playfull way the shop window shows the Seeding Economy photos applied in calendars, mocks, puzzles and even DIY kit where the buyer is invited to become equal successfull (or better). That box contains a signed sample photo, sealed bag with kitchen litter, instructions and some basics to create similar photos.


Mathilde μP