Mathilde μP

Mathilde μP photographic projects, an introduction.

Most of her photo works have a narrative subline and balanced colours. Human interest and lost and found objects play a major role in her photo projects. Photo's in this section are ment for large print, colours and or concept may fail on some monitors.

Short cv; 1993- present various group exibitions in Europe with installations. 2004 entered the fotoacademie in Amsterdam, 2005- present Pong Mythos ehibition tour. 2005 expositions Chielerie Amsterdam. 2006-2007 Power Pong on tour with Pong Mythos. 2007 graduaded fotoacademy with three art projects. 2008 group exposition in Grote Kerk Naarden. 2009 solo exposition de Kring Amsterdam. 2009 received a nomination in the 3' internationalPhotography Masters Cup . Solo exhibitions in 2010: gallery Suzanne Biederberg, Art-Inn, Pinto Bibliotheek. Solo expositions 2011: Watergraafsmeer bibliotheek, st Antoniesbreestraat, Art Amsterdam, Art Kitchen, Indische buurt bibliotheek, Pinto bibliotheek. See also Prologue for more information and list of exhibitions and works.

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Schrijvers en AfscheidSchrijvers en Afscheid 2011

Copy Kittens Copy Kittens 2009 -

Chromatopsychosis Chromatopsychosis a short selection 2007-2009

Modern Nature Modern Nature 2008 / 2009

Floor Identity Floor Identity 2007

Quad Pinhole Quad Pinhole 2005 /2007

Cafe taste Café taste, november / december 2006

de Kring Photo exposition at de Kring, 7 March -15 April 2009 Amsterdam

Mathilde muPe