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Copy Kittens

The series Copy Kittens shows social trends in female attitude in different times.

This series is a response to social networks, like Facebook. The more popular friends network become the more conflicting their function of intimacy through privacy. When I entered Facebook I wanted a profile photo with a social feel, without showing me as a person.

To create the human touch I used myself as actor and canvas, dressed up the room and acted to what I believe is the perfect secretary from the late fifties. More women character roles followed and details in the photos became refined; From nail polish upto wallpaper the women are placed in the habitat of their time.

The idea of Copy Kittens did not come out of the blue. In 1997 I created Identity engineering as response to the pressure to have and manitain several cv's for each carreer possibility and as hommage to 'all about me' first generation homepages.

Printed in edition of 8. Larger prints are available on request.

Mathilde μP