Mathilde μP

Copy Kittens: A day t the office I
A day t the office I
Copy Kittens: A day t the office II
A day t the office II
Copy Kittens: Data prinses  I
Data prinses I
Copy Kittens: Data prinses  II
Data prinses II
Copy Kittens: After the Party
After the Party
Copy Kittens: Her Service
Her Service
Copy Kittens: Road to enlightment
Road to enlightment
Copy Kittens: Rules to Party
Rules to Party

Copy Kittens

The series Copy Kittens shows social trends in female attitude in different times.

This series is a response to social networks, like Facebook. The more popular friends network become the more conflicting their function of intimacy and privacy. When I entered Facebook I wanted a profile photo with a social feel, without sharing my private life with the world.

To maintain a social touch I used myself as actor and canvas, dressed up the room and acted to what I believe is the perfect secretary from the late fifties. More women character roles followed and details in the photos became refined; From nail polish upto wallpaper the women are placed in the habitat of their time.

The idea of Copy Kittens rymes with an earlier project Identity engineering 1997. That was a response to the pressure to have and manitain seperated cv's for each and every professional skill and was also a hommage to 'all about me' first generation web homepages (1993-1995).

Printed in edition of 8. Larger prints are available on request.

Mathilde μP