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Schrijvers & Afscheid

Begin 2011 the Indische buurt Bibliotheek asked if I did like to show some photo's at their place. It would be the last expo in the building before they would move to a new building. That is good news, since a few libraries are about to be closed. The guarantee of printed literature & information for everybody in Amsterdam is about to become history.

Since my expo in the Pintobibliotheek 2010, I had the ambition to create a serie of writers portraits. And with the invitation the idea was born to ask them to express the word 'Afscheid' (what means farewell, in the sense of departing, morning, but can also indicate a positive change of situation). Instead of working with words with pen and paper I asked them to visualise 'Afscheid' with their own interpretation.


In two month the idea had to be realized into a framed exhibition. Authors with works in the library were portrayed. Thanks goes to Diana Ozon for her tactical assistance at several writer events to the right persons with the right words. The Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst financed the exposition material.

After the expo in the old building the library asked if I would show these photos also at the new place.

Exhibition at the new Indischebuurt library location.
Photo made by Inge Dingena Mol.

Mathilde μP 2011