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PIL 13-7-2010

John Lydon became famous as singer in the punk band the Sex Pistols. In 1978 he left the band and formed the band Public Image Ltd. This band broke with the back then already settled dogma's for punk music and was either loved or hated by punks.

While the Sex Pistols had only visited Amsterdam once, PIL continued this tradition. In 2008 bad reviews of Sex Pistol reunion concerts hit the media. Finally July 13 2010 John Lydon came to Amsterdam with PIL. Most Dutch old-school punks had never seen a performance by him and bought the ticket pure for sentimental curiosity.

This turned out to be a wise choice. First of all PIL was and still is an outstanding band. The whole show was superb in many aspects. A few things that impressed me were the balanced quality between old and newer material, the still present drive to improvise, renew and maintain a direct energy. The line up was Lu Edmonds -guitar & banjo, Scott Firth- bass, Brucey Smith- drums, John Lydon, vocals. After the two hour show most old-school punks including music connoisseurs were impressed about the show. We came for sentimental reasons, but got instead a top show by PIL with the rebel John Lydon.

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Mathilde μP, 16-07-2010