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  • Recently added photos to the website
    There are two new items in my website: In the photo projects section: A short selection of the portrait series " Schrijvers en Afscheid " is on-line. This series shows wri
  • Demonstratie tegen vertrutting van Amsterdam
    One day Yellow Biafra of the Dead Kennedies gave a speech. If it was his own words or somebody else was not clear. But at certain point he said; "Freedom and democracy is
  • What do you get when bad boys grow up? Bad music.
    The power of rap music is the energy and mixture with anger in vocal lyrics. The clip of Appa Ik heb schijt opened my ears to rap music. What had I missed all these years?
  • Die goeie ouwe demonstraties
    'S ochtends wordt ik met koortsig hoofd wakker. RFID chip spookt door mijn hoofd, telefoontaps, richtmicrofoons, gezichtsherkenningsoftware, vingerafdrukken in databanken.

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