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2 New York, June 19-21

15 07 12 - 15:05 View on Brooklyn and Williamsbridge Taking the boat and Chelsea


Justin Bieber fans waiting for signing session Occupy Wallstreet Staten Island ferry

Tuesday: The summer is kicking in, tomorrow we will set up the exhibition at 36C. I should take a relax day. Not that I was ever successful in doing nothing away from home, too much curiosity. But there is an ultimate  chill touristic attraction that I planned. Combined with a visit to a friend it seems impossible to get tired today; Staten Island by Ferry for a tea visit uphill. The ferry leaves from south Manhattan and the appointment is set at late afternoon. That gives plenty of time to walk from China town to the pier, enjoy Chinese music in Columbus park, visit the Native American museum and of course run into a small news Item. About more than 500 teenagers are waiting at a record store where Justin Bieber will sign his latest cd. I grab a few shots. A few blocks further on there is wall street. And he look there is still an Occupy Group in front of Wall-street. And there at the end of the street I see the sea. A copper green dressed Indian woman passes by a copper green lady liberty dressed up street artist. At the horizon is a tiny statue alone on an island. The ferry is crowded with tourists. The visit to a friend at Staten Island  becomes a micro holiday.


As soon as I'm back into Manhattan metro stress kicks in. the system is chaotic and Fulton station should be for health reasons clearly marked with a warning: do not use to switch trains when tired. Yes I got lost to find myself hours later at the hotel that is walking distance just one hour from Fulton.


Building up the Wonder of Woman exhibition

Copy Kittens in Photoville 

Wednesday: The weather is hot and hotel desks discourages the walk over the Brooklyn bridge, rather take a cab. As european I wave the cab and pul the front door open to see the driver shiver. Have a seat in the back. While there are hardly signs of crime in the center of NY (broken car glass, empty wallets and so on ) there are plenty omens of NY being prepared for what once was. The backseat is shielded by thick acrylic glass from the driver. I lean back and let me drive in airco style to the exhibition ground in Brooklyn park.


The organization provided; Cotton gloves, water, suncream and paper towels. The last turn out to be as essential as the water. In blazing sun steal shipping containers form a temporary gallery village at a tarmac field that used to be inland at the harbor pier.


While drinking plenty, it gives the effect of a punched water bag, every zip drips of the skin. In turn we swipe our faces while the other handles the prints. Astrid, Speer, Aloys and I could have finished in one day, if there was a siesta. Instead we end up in the early afternoon in some kind of trendy bar in Brooklyn. After one drink I leave. At 18:00 there is a performance by upcomming rap talent at the Bowery Poetry Club. At the hotel I discover the ice-cube machine, a few minutes later I roll like a lost penguin trough the ice cubicles in the bathroom. After that I fall asleep.


Hotel Chelsea    View on daily traffic congestion 

Thursday: The next day my fellow exhibition team starts early. When I arrive they are dazed. The  the tarmac field become a 24h heatsource, at 11:00 when sun heat kicks in it gets unbearable. Still we are the first to finish our build-up even while we have one of the most works on show. Linda Troeller has invited us tonight for champagne at the legendary hotel Chelsea. She has made an documentary about the building and habitants while it was still in use. Nowadays the buildings is renovated while a few artist still live there. It is an unique experience not only to see  Linda her work but also eyewitness the last of Chelsea old glory bathing in sunset light. After sunset I leave for dinner a few minutes later I find myself glazing at the wowing views from the high pathway over early night New York. It is the coolest spot to spent a summer evening, lots of people hag around on the trail. There is even a skybox to watch the stream of car traffic lights.


New York #1 

New York #3

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