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1 New York, June 16-18

08 07 12 - 01:39

mupe_2012_06_24_DSC7629.jpg  In June 2012 I participated in Photoville / Wonder of Woman in New York. It was the first time I went to the States.

13st - 5 av  Chinatown New York Chystie street crossing Grand street  

Saturday: Arrived in town. Strange to see the television world in reality. Manhattan is a size smaller than expected, the only thing that makes going from airport to town a long experience are the traffic congestion’s. Due to time shift it is still midday when I arrive at Chinatown. A concert of ambulance and firetruck sirens welcomes me.  The neighborhood blasts colors ,shops are covered with Asian characters, the sight is impressive. The silly tourist warning avoid hotels in china town because of fish smell is over screamed by the massive odeur of cars. 

Behind the great impression are the smaller ones, the boulevard with trees and birds that manages to express silence while hosting a busy sport playground. Men give a chines lady a weirdo look because she stretches and exercise in the the park. So much for NY being used to craziness. Nobody wears jewelry  except for watches.


  Central Library Traffic in Grand Station, New York mupe_2012_06_17_DSC6951.jpg International center for Photography

  Sunday: I want to check out the International Center of Photography and Salmagundi a sister artist society of my hometown club Arti. Armed with a metro card I dive in and surface again to nibble the apple and to submerge again a few blocks further. The weather is perfect for photography, since I will help setting up the Wonder of Woman expo there will hardly be time for tourism. So I do the impossible and pass by Time square and stick to the two must see I picked at home . Grand Station is one them. As a child I saw a cartoon of the station in one of my fathers collection of comic books. The high arched windows made an impression I wanted to see for real.


On the outside the station has a mini skirt of car roads surrounding the building at floor one. Inside the space is impressive. while hosting more than 100 tracks and a variety rail services from long track up to metro it still feels spacious and peaceful. Next show I have in NY I will reserve time to take the guided tour through the building.


  mupe_2012_06_18_DSC7035.jpg mupe_2012_06_18_DSC7073.jpg mupe_2012_06_18_DSC7071.jpg

Monday: Today I continue to look into the gallery scene. After hours walking in west Manhattan I finally spot  a gallery in Soho, Symbolic Collection. They have a huge exhibition with Ronnie Wood's work. It feels like home, since I know his work from a former neighbor gallery at my home town. The owner is relaxed and helpfull,  we chat about the successful of Ronnie Wood's exhibitions. Art industry is about selling but these moments prove art itself is about enjoying and celebrating an emotion, esthetics and or mutual thought.

His friendly suggested gallery route continues through an area where artists are starving for success on the sidewalk. They have food but no success. There are many variations of being a star in New York.


New York #2

New York #3

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