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Demonstratie tegen vertrutting van Amsterdam

13 11 09 - 23:52

One day Yellow Biafra of the Dead Kennedies gave a speech. If it was his own words or somebody else was not clear. But at certain point he said;

"Freedom and democracy is not gift that stay by itself. Each and every generation will have to fight to keep the rights previous generations have fought for."

6 o clock the end of the demonstration

Sad as it is, it is true. It is more easy to control a country, city, or even smaller by tightening the rules every time a conflict of interest occurs. Suggestions for rule changes are a mater for everybody and if the maze becomes to tight we should rise and speak up.

I cannot list all in detail, here is a short list or changes since 1980;

You may not:

  • Smoke or trade cannabis in country border zones (and on certain areas in Amsterdam)
  • Smoke tobacco in pubs or restaurants (the later does make sense)
  • Drink alcohol in the street of centre of Amsterdam (and on certain squares)
  • Soon squat a house to get away from your parents (remember there is still a huge growing housing shortage in Amsterdam)
  • Drink your drink standing at a terraces in Amsterdam centre
  • Have terraces heating in Amsterdam
  • Leave your ID or passport at home
  • Make music in the streets without license
  • Sell food/drinks at queensday without bar/restaurant license
  • Put large garbage outdoor without asking permission (and specifying every item)
  • Leave school and become unemployed
  • Consider it your right to live and or work in the centre of Amsterdam with little income

 You must allow /agree:

  • Police to frisk you in the streets without reason
  • Police to ask for your ID without reason
  • Give your fingerprint for national central database  that is not secured against future lunatics
  • Make large debts to get out of parents house on your own
  • Pub or concert hall to be closed because of  visitor carrying drugs

Stubnitz team

The last item was most present during the demonstration for more freedom 13 November at the Dam square in Amsterdam. Stubnitz has lost its right to party because of visitors using drugs. Stubnitz is an old DDR sea ship that tours Europe with facilities like a concert hall. I love Stubnitz ever since 1991 it crossed my path on several occasions. It has grown from a money drain on a harbour chain into a travelling podiums.

For years it would mere in Amsterdam north near the legalized squat place NDSM. This area is cultural controlled by sub city hall to improve Amsterdam North. And were there is control there is also fear to loose control. Cityhall searched and found a stick against the floating stranger Stubnitz; Visitors had been using XTC on the boat, a concert hall in Amsterdam.

As Vrankrijk was already closed for different reasons the big podiums for alternative uncontrolled music are halved. As far as I know only Occi and Zaal 100 remain. Other halls have either a problem with sound isolation, or are quite small.

It is about time to speak up. No we don't want a subsidised hall in Bos en Lommer. No we don't want an expensive place that has to break even each and every night. We want a place that can experiment with stage line up, that can show infamous bands and other artists. A place were you have to pay little to see unique stuff, a place to be proud of, because they(or we) made it with their own hands.

Diana OzonWe love the Stubnitz


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