Mathilde muPe's analogue drawings

Some images are a combination between traditional paper and digital drawing. And some are just the scribble at the moment.

Digital originated drawings
Time cafe Serie of inkt drawings made in '80


pencil study 1998
Pencil technique study 1 1998 (36Kb)

pencil study 1998
Pencil study 2 1998 (57Kb)

Cyberfeminist hacking congress 1999
Cyberfeminist hackers congress 1999 (45Kb)

Newyears drink  1-00
Newyears drink 2000 (39Kb)

Gsm family values 2000
Gsm family value's 2000 (54Kb)

Gsm family values 2000
Cafe Vrankrijk 2003 (65Kb)