Mathilde muPe's digital drawings

The older images are made with a mouse as drawing device. Since 8-95 I use a presure sensitive drawing tablet. The older drawing might appear 'jaggy' but the content still speaks.

Analogue drawings
Time cafe Serie of inkt drawings made in '80


drawing of Wetware computer festival '92 <B/W)
Manifest at festival 1992 (27Kb)

telecommunication trap '92 (B/W)
Psycho modem horror 1992 (14Kb)

hanging around in gopher space 6-94
Gopher space 1994 (33Kb)

a small dutch forest fire 8-95
Burning bushes 1995 (60Kb)

The drag of communication 8-95
Click here 1995 (27Kb)

rid Amstel ride 7-96
Amstel ride 1996 (40Kb)

Use a hammer 6-97
Use a hammer 1997 (14Kb)

Tribute to Lichtenstein 10-97
Tribute to Lichtenstein 1997 (69Kb)

Eclipse 8-99
Eclipse at Arlon 1999 (20Kb)

mechanic 10-99
Mechanics 1999(44Kb)

19/19 goodbye 05-2000
19/19 Goodbye 2000(42Kb)

Dutch Summer 05-00
Dutch Summer 2000(46Kb)

metro referendum game
Metro referendum game 1997