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Mathilde muPe




picture of the calendarSeeding Economy calender 2023 is now available. 15 euro a piece, email for orders

picture of magazine spreadMedia: Article in Vision Magazine fall 2022

New work: Seeding Economy was shown at Kijkpunt muPe. A real shop in the middle of tourist center inside the shop was the gallery exhibition and in the window small merchandise was on dislplay. The merchandise is for sale but also the real life test if politician believe in art and commerce will work.

Kijkpunt muPe was located at Oude Hoogstraat 33, 1012 CD, Amsterdam from december '21 till 11 augustus 2022. The shop name loosly translates into 'viewpoint'. It worked both ways, offering public a moment to look in the window but is was also a frontseat to look at the street. Mathilde muPe draw may till the end aug '22 on regular base the streetlife in fornt of her desk. (Not yet published)

Getekende virusverslagen door Diana Ozon en Mathilde muPe zijn te zien op de website Corona in de stad

foto van Telegraaf Seeding Economy in de Telegraaf 22 april 2022

foto van artikel Bert Nap Seeding Economy in de de Oude Binnenstad april 2022

Video by Sam Nemeth on Salto1 Sam Nemeth presented by Rob Zwetsloot on Salto1

Website: Mathilde μP